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Friday, August 28, 2009


I gotta be kidding

Results out dy...

Intermediate English - DI
Study Skills and Leadership - DI
Finite Mathematics - DI
Computing Principles - CR

This gotta be kidding man!!!

Where are my HDs?

At least one???

Crap...can't believe this man =.=

This is sooooo DEPRESSING!!!
♥ alexis at 1:56 PM

results coming out soon..

in another one hour and 15 minutes

am i suppose to feel nervous?

lol i don't know


P/S: Next blog post will be bout my trip to Penang!
♥ alexis at 1:47 PM

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25th August 2009

You know what? I want to go to UK. Whether it's to work, play, study or stay, I want to go to UK. Well, if I'm studying Medicine then I'm going to US but since I'm studying Business, I want to go to UK. DESPERATELY. I've no idea why but it's just a sudden urge. I like the freedom they have there, the weather, the life and the convenience there. It'll be like a dream come true if I can go to UK one day. So, I don't care but I'll work my way to there. Though my mum refused cause she's afraid that I'll never be back anymore, which is my original plan. I might come back for a visit but not to stay here anymore. I want to go to UK.

Well, basically on the 25th of August, I broke another record of mine; travelling one whole day. I woke up at 6am, went college at 8am. Main reason is to ask bout the results; when it's coming out and all. Then I met with the counselors, Mr MC. He's the best counselor ever and his advice is simple and great; try everything and see what ur comfortable with. Which, I might follow but I'll make sure I'll put the important ones first. Basically I have in mind what subject I wanna take but till now, I'm still not really sure whether Business is for me.

I'm good at Management but somehow, Business is too wide. Marketing gives a good future but it also shows the instability. I like Business. I like doing anything with Business but sometimes, I just wish I have something main to concentrate on. In the Business world, it's either you make it or you don't. Depends on luck and application. And I'm a nerd.

My uncle, who's from UK, adviced me to concentrate on some professional course instead. And if I do want to insist on Business, I should concentrate on Finance and Accounting as it's the most stable one. But, I do not like Finance and Accounting. I already have an Accountant at home and I'm really sick of it. I've done Accounts and I'm sick of it. I want something challenging, like Business or Medicine, where I can do lots of research and analysis. However, from my uncle's story of his life in UK, all I've to said is the competition there is very tough. Scary yet fun. I would like to go and see whether I can survive there. What amazed me is the life of his where his jobs all were not connected at all. From being a chef to some boss at some IT company. Does it even relate? Well, that's the Business world. Everything is about money and how people survive in it. And Chinese people really can do anything.

Anyways, at 11am after my friend and I were done with our asking and all, we decided to go to Sunway Pyramid, which is very far away from our college. So it took us around an hour and half to reach there and we went walking around. Finally, we end up eating Shabu Shabu at a restaurant where we're the only customers. Great. Lotsa privacy, great view. Food.....okay lar...After that, we went walking around again, starring at those ice skaters. Seems that all the good looking guys who used to go there have all gone extinct. All I saw were just primary and high schoolers. Anyways, we then head to McD's for ice-cream. I was pretty sick and I have no choice but to wear my mask in case some nutcase thought that I have H1N1. Anyways, I know it's wrong but I ate the ice-cream, not one serving but 2 actually on that day itself. Basically, I ate lots of things that I shouldn't; fried food, seafood, and ice-cream. I'm a bad girl. And thanks to that, my health drop another 2 levels =S

At 4pm, I waited for the bus back to Kelana LRT. I went in the bus, betting whether the green shirt guy will sit next to me and to my surprised, he really did sit next to me. But the sight was rather funny; him not leaning and looking left, while me leaning and looking right. We were like some couple fighting. Then both of us had our headphones on. As the journey was long, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I realised he was sleeping too. Suddenly, he woke up and turned to look at me. His expression was very funny. He was shocked that I was awake. HAHA. Anyways, the bus stopped by Taylor's and my so-call ex-classmates, enemy and mum's friend's son went in. Well, luckily I'm wearing my mask and had my head turned away. He sat behind me, and I've no idea whether he recognised me. But then again, ignorance is bliss ain't it? Anyways, I doubt he'll recognise me.

At 5pm, I reached Kelana LRT, took LRT to Taman Bahagia, then waited for the bus to my mum's office; promised to meet her there and then go for the family dinner at the States where we're meeting my uncle who's back from UK. In the office, I have to act as if I wasn't sick at all and it was really a torture. Then I have to talk to my mum's friends and all, including the boss, and I still have to act healthy though I was dying to cough and sneeze. At 6pm, we left to SS2 to grab a cab. We managed to find one and voila! We reached the place, but the restaurant was under renovation =S We have to change our plan and head to Armada hotel instead.

My uncles were an hour late. Anyways, the restaurant gave us some chinese proverbs quiz and the prize is a tanglung. It was funny as everyone, well my mum, my cousin and I was trying to find out the correct answer. So just for a tanglung, my cousin and I called and smsed our friends for the entire night trying to get the answer. Then my mum kept pastering the workers and captains there trying to get the correct answer. After 2 hours, we came to a conclusion that the answer is C. But then we asked another captain and he gave us a clue that the answer is B. Suddenly, all my smses were flooded with the answer B. So oh well, we submitted it and really, we won the tanglung. The answer is B.

Anyways, throughout the dinner, thanks to the quiz, I talked to my cousin. A shock, really. As throughout my 18 years of life, I've never really talked to her till recently after I came into college where she asked for my help about something. This was the 2nd time talking to her. And then suddenly, I'm talking to my uncle about studies and all. What I'm amazed was my so call cousins, (both of them are from UK) Jaydi (6) and Lennard (4), have a PSP each! Damn, I'm 18, and I don't have a PSP! Anyways, though they are from UK, they know English and Chinese well. Cool. And they somehow resemble my friends; Mr EK and Mr ED when they were young. But obviously, they were Americans, now they're Malaysians. And I've to say, Lennard is better looking than Jaydi, more hyper, while Jaydi is more quiet and cool. Really really similar to both of my friends... Ok enough! Stop thinking!! I shouldn't be thinking anymore anyways.

We stayed at the restaurant till 10.30pm, which I overheard the workers saying that they might have to entend their business hours longer as there are a lot of customers that night. The workers were very great; polite, friendly and helpful. We even have some chat with them. First time I see such fun people. At 11pm, I reached home, totally worn out. Finally I can start sneezing and coughing. I took my bro's medication and have to sleep early. First time in this month I slept at 1am. New record again =D


I want to go to UK. I'm very sick now but I'm enjoying it and I still want to go out whenever I have the chance. I want more freedom and also, enjoy myself more; well, before college starts again. My mum said I looked pretty much worn out, but I'm still very hyper. I'm happy (^.^)

P/S: No pictures. Sorry 'cause I forgot to bring my camera and that includes no family pictures too. Damn!!

♥ alexis at 12:26 PM

Sunday, August 23, 2009

22nd August 2009

the ticket

the stage

the MC

the attendees: Ms XW and I =D

Well, as promised earlier, my post today will be about my trip to Taylor's College for the Dance Arena 2009 event. As my so-call friend, Mr LF is the organiser, I got the tickets from him at a cheap price. Well, not exactly but it's RM15 and not RM20 which I would have got if I did not get from him earlier. Anyways, he helped me a lot and when I reached, well, let's just say that I'm a bit disappointed. Not about the event. Nope, it's great. The lightings, sound systems, layout, sponsors and all, they were all good. They even give out goodies bag and there's lucky draw too. But too bad, they did not tear my ticket so I was outta chance for it. Anyways, I was disappointed due to the fact that his friends and my friends, non of them were there. So-called friends. They people don't even bother to support their friends, whether they're the organisers or competitors.

There were basically 3 people from HMC. And luckily, Mr J and I were there to support Mr A. Mr J is really a great friend as he heard that non of his gang is coming but he decided to come anyway as he doesn't want his friend to compete without support. Weird thing is, I've never talked to Mr J before in college and the next thing I know, I was talking to him as if we're friends. I was very and utterly shocked at myself. Anyways, I was damn disappointed with Mr A's friends as non of them appeared. But I guessed I shouldn't be that surprised. Maybe hip-hop just isn't their thing as non of them appeared too at the night of MOS last July. Anyways, Mr A looked fabulous as usual and I was surprised that Mr DJ's friend was actually Mr A's teammate. This world is really small huh?

The event kicked-off at 8pm. Well, Malaysian time....no la...cause the MC had to 'buka puasa' so they have no choice but to start it off late. Mr LF really did a great job and the dancers were great. Too bad I did not take any pictures as I was busy recording the dances and my arms were pretty sore after that. It was fun anyways. They had games and the winners get watches sponsored by Guess. Taylor's really got great sponsors. I was very impressed, whether it's the organisation skills or the way they managed to sort out some technical problems in a few minutes time.

All in all, I've no idea what happened, but I suddenly got quite close with Mr LF. I mean, for 5 years I've seen him in school, he knows me but I don't know him. He's from one of the upper class, prefect, which I regard as 'nerd' as he's in my 'brother's' gang. But then again, I'm a nerd. Anyways, I've never talked to him throughout those 5 years other than asking how he knows me when my mum asked him to find me. Thanks to the carnival last week, I suddenly talked to him and yesterday, when they were waiting for the results, I suddenly chased him around. Well, that was because I was trying to get the results from him as he was having it. It was a really shocking and funny sight. Guess he and I both realised it. Anyways, he refused to let me see but I got news that Mr A's team did not win. It was a disappointment but it's alright I guess. They did a great job =D

After the event ended, they people started passing around free admission tickets to MOS,

where I've got news that most of the dancers are going, so that night will be a really great night. Mr LF is going too, finally; after god knows how long he persuaded his dad. I was dying to go since the night before but I didn't. Well, not without transport, not with the way my friends and I wore. Haiz....huge disappointment. I was dying to see Mr LF dance...It's weird to see how a person change and how socialising turn things out.

Overall conclusion?

It was a great event. I had a great time and was very satisfied with it. (^.^)

music + dance = life
♥ alexis at 12:31 PM

Saturday, August 22, 2009

21st August 2009

After an entire day of being occupied with stuffs and pain, I was very bored and decided to call Ms XW out for movie. I've ffk my mum and decided not to go to the temple as I still could barely walk, especially down the stairs. Then I'd realised that I'm home alone, without dinner. I've no choice but to cook as I still could barely walk. So I cooked Tom Yum Noodles with Campbell Soup. It has been a long time since I cooked. Like round.....4-5 months? Before college starts.

Anyways, Ms XW was not home. 3 hours later, I called her again and her cousin called her. It was last minute but yeah, we're going out for a movie!!! =D There are 2 new shows that I have not watch yet; I Love You, Beth Cooper and Dance Flick. We went to Cineplex and watched I Love You, Beth Cooper. It was cold, unlike other cinemas that I've went. Anyways the show was....okay I guess. The Proposal was far better. Hence, the overall rating will be 5/10. The show ended round 11.45pm and then Ms XW and I went to Tesco to meet her parents while Mr HK went back home.

Well, a simple day for me. And somehow, right now, I wanna go back to what I was during the past 6 years. Not that i don't like social life but somehow, I want to have more privacy and time. Maybe after more than 30 hours of going out and all, I did not have my own time to myself and suddenly I just want everyone to leave me alone. I don't feel like smsing or calling or even talking to anyone. I don't mind going out but not in large groups. Probably with one or 2 people who knows me and doesn't require me to talk much. I'm not being emo. Just that I'm tired. My close friends should know more bout this matter. Even I could not understand this sometimes....

Anyways, I'm going to Taylor's Dance Arena 2009 today. It's a dance competition held by Taylors. My friend, Mr A is competing and maybe that is the first reason on why I wanna attend this event? I hope that's the reason. Anyways, after days of debating, I don't wanna care anymore and decided to just go for it. I've no idea who's going but I'm going with Ms XW, and Mr DJ. So I guess tomorrow's post will be on the updates of this event itself.

Overall conclusion?

I'm happy and contented with what I have now and being single. I enjoy every part of it (^.^)

♥ alexis at 1:25 PM

Friday, August 21, 2009

20th August 2009

I had done a few huntings:

1) Clothes
2) Food
3) Sandals
4) Sunglass
5) Plaster

As stated earlier, I went shopping with my primary school best friend, Ms ZY. It somehow had became a routine that every holidays we have, we'll return to my usual boutiques to have a look and see what we can get. Anyways, it was a great day though it was hot. For the first few boutiques that I usually go, nothing attract me much. So, though I don't like it but I bought a shirt, that look just like any other shirts that I have in my closet. I'm still trying to find something different.

We went for lunch at some shop. We had Lam Mee and Bali, my favourite. But this made me realised that it had been very very long since I last had a proper meal. What amazed me is the shopkeeper. His maths was damn good that both my friend and I were stunned. I asked my friend a question and in less than a second, the shopkeeper answered my question. Guess I have to improve on my maths big time. My brains have stopped functioning for god knows how long =S

Anyways, since it was gonna be a walk-wholeday outing and also I have to go to the temple at night, I decided to wear something comfortable. So I wore my lifesaver, my favourite sandals that I bought last year in the Curve. But poor thing, my lifesaver broke and there I go, waddling up and down the streets like a duck. I got help from my mum and she got me her sandals, which is something that I've sworn not to wear in my life. And there I go wearing it, creating more blisters on my feet.

What made everything funnier was that both my friend and I were walking in such a weird way. Totally like ducks; her sandals were creating problem too. Then my mum called and we went to Ikea to help her search for some stuff. However, as we were both in pain, we went hunting for sandals in Ikano. Gosh, where are the sandals when we need them??!! Basically, nothing attracts me. After my mum was done with her stuff, we went back to our usual boutiques to search for more sandals that I saw a few earlier. However, most importantly, we decided to go for plaster hunting instead as we no longer can tolerate with the pain.

But I guess clothes are more important as we went searching on clothes despite the damn sandals. I found a new boutique, Amos and it's gonna be my next favourite boutique =D. The clothes are nice and...well, my style. Well, most if it. But due to insufficient cash, I only bought 3 tops =( Nevermind, I'll bear in mind that I'll go back there xP I've found a new style that I love but didn't dare to try it till my friend asked me to. But I know if I'm gonna wear that to college, I will get funny looks again :S. So oh no, though I wanna make some changes, that'll be some other time, but not now :)

Anyways, we went back to the boutique that I saw earlier, which have nice sandals and wow, I really found another lifesaver :)

Nice isn't it? Well maybe it doesn't look that nice here but I love it!! It's sooo comfortable and special. Well, not like my other sandals anyways. I called my mum to return her sandals and she asked my friend and I to her office. So up we went and had a nice talk bout our studies. We had a few gossips earlier and that really reminds me of Gossip Girl. As usual, people changes. I'm deeply disappointed once again on that person. Oh whatever. I'm dead tired.

At night, I went to the temple with my mum. Wow it has been 4 years since I last step foot in that place. It changed. Some people recognised me, some don't. And as expected, he's not there. It has been 5 years since I last saw him. Wonder how he is. But wow, there's a new dog, Chong Chong (2). So cute and obedient, unlike some other dogs xP. But poor guy, he wanted to sleep but I kept harrassing him. I'm evil, yes I know but he's very good. He don't bark unless he wanna get down and he ignores people well =D

Anyways, I did something that I've long since done it. Pray. Now I know why I don't pray since 3 years old. It's killing. After 2 hours of praying, I was amazed that I can still walk up and down the stairs, though I'm wobbling. My legs hurt like mad. Even the pain in cheerleading wasn't as bad as this. I was practically dying to lie down right away. Anyways, my cousin ffk my mum and I. I was so disappointed. But then again, I didn't know she goes to temples. Well, not my temple.

So, conclusion from the entire day?

1) Fun
2) Tiring
3) Broke
4) Done lotsa huntings
5) Happy
6) Annoyed
7) Relaxing
8) Satisfied and contented

Not bad...but I still haven't break my shopping record yet..heheh (^.^)

♥ alexis at 1:18 PM

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

18th August 2009

For the first time in 18 years, I went for a movie marathon, thanks to MR DJ =D. It was a crazy idea practically...oh well, cause we're watching 3 movies in a day non-stop; District 9, The Proposal, and Aliens in the Attic. Anyways, we (Mr DJ, Mr LW, Ms XW, Ms CH and me) went to Tropicana City Mall for this marathon and all I have to say is, you gotta love this place. It was practically empty, with no one around, no one to stare at you and whatever..The entire cinema was also practically empty and this includes all 3 cinemas that we went it. Basically, there was like less than 20 people in the cinema. How much privacy can you get huh? It's amazing. What I'm more curious is, are they making a lost? I think it'll be alot......

Anyways, District 9 was quite gross but the ending was nice. What I don't get it is why should the alien save the idiot when the idiot was the first one to betray him just so that he can get his alien hands off? Idiotic :S Anyways, The Proposal was nice. Better than District 9, oh well cause it was not gruesome at all and it's funny. The guy's cute anyways. And the last movie, Aliens in the Attic, well I practically don't wanna watch that but out of boredom and circling the entire mall rounds and rounds, floors and floors (my boots were killing me), we (Mr DJ, Ms XW and me) got fed up and decided to kill time by watching this movie instead. It was....nice. Practically, it's a show for kids; it reminded me of Enid Blyton.

There's practically nothing cheap to eat there, unless you plan to spend big bucks. So all we can do is survive on popcorns. Well, not bad. Save money, you know ;) Anyways, there are many nice clothes, cheap and reasonable. But not really nice and special enough for my interest so....oh well, if two days later and I still think of those clothes, then I guess I'll get it then. But hahahah I doubt so..I don't pick up things that don't attract me on the first glance and if I do, I'll not appreciate it at all..This implies in my life in every corner. Unless that 'thing' is really really very special.

And the biggest mistake in my life is by asking a bunch of quiet people out :S I ended up stressing like mad trying to come out with some conversations. Now, I remember why I prefer my crazy friends than my nerds, quiet friends. With crazy people, they talk non-stop, making you laugh all the time. Basically, I don't have to open my mouth when I'm with them, other than to laugh. But sometimes, some would think that I'm emo as I got especially quiet when all the see me usually, is talking and laughing like mad. Anyways, with the nerd, quiet friends, I basically have to wreck my brain thinking what kind of conversation I can come out with. So oh well, I got fed up and ended up shutting up also. But I had some talks with Mr LW and...poor guy. Seems like I'm not the only idiot when it comes to love matters. He's in deeper shit than I am. Hmmmm, maybe this is what people said: the best way to console someone is by opening up your wounds to them. I agree with this big time. Well, that's what I usually do when my friends are down but ended up, they think that I'm still in love with that person, I'm pathetic and stupid. Whatever people...whatever

Anyways, Thurs, it'll probably be a shopping day for me I guess, with my primary school best friend. Well it's time. Gotta return to my usual boutiques and see what's new. Kinda bored with the trend nowadays :S And I can't wait to see my friend!! Though just saw her last week but it was short. But, hmmmm it has been along time since we met up. Somehow, we're also out of conversations. Nothing much we can talk about since both of us have our own friends, we're from differents schools and different majors... But anyways, as usual, we'll most probably talk about old school gossips, friends, fashion, plans, guys and some promises that will never come thru..It's always like that. Well, that's what that makes life interesting isn't it? Why take life so seriously? Well, that's a good question for myself...I'm a workaholic. But hols, are my best friend ^^ You practically can see a different me, a more laid back me. I'm happy (^.^)

♥ alexis at 1:54 PM

Friday, August 14, 2009

the hurt
the anger
the frustration
the pent up feelings
the inability to do anything
the restriction
the darkness
the sorrow
the pain

living in a life full of dilemmas
being used most of the times
where is the truth?
where is the sincerity?
where is the appreciation?
where is the true happiness?

♥ alexis at 2:39 PM

Thursday, August 13, 2009

ok, i know i've break my own rules by putting my own pic here, but you know what? this is an exception cause he is one hell of a person that i like, love and miss very much.

august 12th, 2009

my gf asked me to go to her college for some charity drive thing
as i was bored to hell at home
i decided to go and at the same time meet back all the old friends
i woke up at 6 am and left the house at 7.40am
reached at 8.15 am due to some excessive jams
i was kicked outta the college as i was not a student there
i lied to the guard that i forgot to bring my id
but it doesn't work exactly
so i went Starbucks for an hour while waiting for my gf
got a Mocha Frappucino which costs me RM 13.15
at 9.30 am, Ms ML reached and oh, surprisingly we managed to get into the college
so we walked up and down million times, spotting most of my friends
but not hers HAHAHA
it was boring and hot
and i saw my ex....
someone who was crazily infatuated in me
but i was a bad girl
i loved him, drag him on, betrayed him
he has been by my side for 6 years without leaving me
whenever something happened to me, he's there
but due to some incidents, i have no choice but to treat him badly
for his own good
when a person falls in love too deeply with another, it's time to let go...

back to topic, he hardly recognised me anyways
it was not the first time
last year, he totally did not recognise me
well his cousin too
weird huh? did i change that much?

er back to topic again,
Ms ML and i got pretty bored and we left to walk around the place
we got lost but it was fun
later on, she met up with her bf and i was left all alone
so i went to hang out with my gf and her friends
after a few rounds in the carnival, we went into a classroom
i was pretty tired and i slept there

people say that her college have lots of pretty girls
it was half true...
well i'm not exactly a girl hunter
but i guessed most of it were from my school?
well my school is famous for having pretty girls
but throughout my 5 years, i did not notice a single pretty girl at all
as for the boys
most of it are my friends
suddenly i miss all my friends pretty much
and i found out why i like hanging out with guys
they can be random, fun, understanding, and their thinking are very simple!
unlike girls, who fret over everything

back to topic again,
i slept for an hour
then my gf had class so i left to find my dear brother, Mr JL
i missed him dearly
i remembered talking, hanging out with him everyday last time
we had known each other for 8 years
and i've been with him everyday for 3 years
in that 3 years, we've fought and talked about everything
his problems, my problems
we understand each other and know what each other have to say
i do not have to elaborate my feelings, my thoughts...
he'll just know everything

for the past 5 years, i did not talk much with him
though our classes are very near, in fact next door only
but we did not have the chance at all
him hanging out with his friends
doing his job
he was busy
while i was busy with school life; clubs, classes, studies, friends and depression,
hiding my biggest problem from him
we do talk occasionally but not longer than 5 minutes

on that day itself, i went to find him
hang out with him
i told him i was hurt and he knew what i'm gonna say
all he said was the guy's not worth it
and he's a useless guy
then he introduced his friends to me
knowing that i like smart, capable guys
that really cheered me up
then he and i continued our gossips but was interrupted by our friends
it was suddenly like an old school hangout
where all the DJians hang out together talk
even those that i've never talked to before
suddenly we're like close friends
it was fun

my friends asked who i'm interested in so far after being so long in the college
i looked around and found that only Mr Sunglass attracted me
so i said him, and only to find out that he's Ms JL's ex
and, he's the head student council for my gf's course
Oh my god,
what is wrong with me and the head student councils?
i lost interest rightaway on him
we talked for awhile and then one by one left for classes
i waited for Ms ML to come back from being with her bf
and then went McD
at 2.15 pm, we followed her bf back to his block
then my gf called me and we went to Pyramid by taxi
it costs us RM8
then we walked, bought some stuff
and my overall spending for that day is RM70++
i'm so dead
i met my old school best friend, Ms ZY
had some chat with her
gosh that day was seriously a reunion of all DJians
and funny, when i met Ms ZY,
my high school close friend, which is my gf is there
and so is my college close friend, Ms ML
well saddening thing is my high school best friend is not there together
all of them are my close and most trusted friends who have been with me all the time
this is....
unbelievable O.o

anyways, Ms ML left at 6 pm
my gf, her friend and i stayed till 9 pm
we had dinner there; Nandos
first time eating Nandos in my 18 years of life
what to do, the thing that i miss out most in my entire life is adventures and food
usually i'll hang out with my friends, stoning or doing something bout studies, Kpop and events
we do no travel or eat special things
mostly, the common Malaysian foods
anyways, it was tiring yet fun day
first time in 7 years i've stayed out for more than 12 hours with my friends and not for events
oh no, i've gone rebellious again is it?
what surprised me more is my dad would called to find out where i am
wow that is shocking...
but oh well, maybe i'm a bit rebellious but i'm still good :D

it was a fun day, with all kinds of moods:
fun, happy, boring, hot, sweaty, tired, sleepy, grumpy, annoyed, surprised, lovely

thanks my dear gf
u made my day

now only i realised, i really missed Mr JL very very much
really must organise an outing
he and i having the same problems....
we must have some fun and catch up more
he told me something, someone from our past
i was deeply disappointed with that person
i'm glad that he found a person he loves now
but i would never imagine him mistreating his brother
people had said that he's the evil one and his bro is innocent
as i was in love with him, i refused to think badly bout him
but deep down i know it was wrong
but, i really did not expect him to do that
i think my first impression of him came back to me again
i'm deeply and very disappointed in him
i would never imagine him making such decision and making his gf's future shitty
she's a smart girl, but i would never imagine her making such decision too

people do stupid things when they're in love

anyways, i came back home
talked to Mr NL on the phone
well, glad that he found a great job that he loves
hope he keeps it up
yet not neglecting his studies
studies are important you know..
ur talking to a person who has been in all situations
with all kinds of people
and full of experience bout life...
well, life of a teenager?
hmmm there's still a lot for me to learn anyways
life is short

people make wrong decisions at the wrong time
people always do not appreciate what they have in their life
till they lost it
so, make the best out of everything in your life
you might think it's shitty, but it's not
try to look at things from different perspectives all the time
if things doesn't work out the way you want,
learn to learn from it, appreciate it
or start all over again
use reverse psychology
no one can help us but ourself
it all depends on a person's determination and endurance in life
we're humans and we're borned to make the best of the world, of ourself
we're born to survive in all situations
we're born to suffer
so make ur life happy and full of satisfaction by appreciating
life is all bout learning
even in the shittiest moments

♥ alexis at 12:55 PM

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

6 years

6 years of waiting, and what have i got?
6 years of hopeless hopes
6 years of thinking
6 years of avoiding
6 years of faith
6 years of disappointment
6 years of frustration
6 years of nightmares
6 years of pain
6 years of heartache
6 years of confusion
6 years...

you will not return anymore right?
you've moved on right?
i've been played
turned round and round
i'm back to starting point

i will not wait anymore
it's time...

2 months

2 months of waiting
2 months of endurance
2 months of hopes
2 months of faith
2 months of trust
2 months of illusions
2 months of disappointment
2 months of nightmares
2 months of heartbreak
2 months of pain
2 months of tears
2 months of false pretense
2 months....

i will...leave

♥ alexis at 2:04 PM

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

R.I.P Wong

today, at 12.45am
my cat, Kuchi Wong (Ah Wong/Mr Wong) died
he got attacked by three dogs
half an hour ago, i was feeding him
patting him
and then he got attacked
i did not hear anything as i was putting my headphones on
but it wasn't that loud
till my other cat, Mr White bang into the door,
giving us a warning and at the same time, finding for protection
the alarm rang
my mum ran out and........
it was too late
he died with his body wet
and trails of water everywhere on the road, in circles
he died instantly
and his mum was nowhere to be found

rest in peace

-sorry i had no idea when you were born-
-born approximately 3 years ago in the cage-
-you're from the second batch-
-your brothers previously all died due to dogs, accident, and kidnapped-
-second eldest of 2 brothers-
-both brothers died of accident and attacked by dogs-
-last 2 years (2007) you were hospitalized due to an accident-
-your diaphragm broke and you were bleeding everywhere-
-during the operation, you nearly died-
-you came back home with a cone round your head-
-banging everywhere, getting stuck at doors as you couldn't get in or out-
-your mum whacks you all the time, but when you're gone, she misses you terribly-
-but she could not recognize you when you return from the vet-
-your mum hates you, but she loves you-
-since young, you're pampered-
-your mum have to lick you, take care of you-
-when she doesn't, you would annoy her till she does it-
-during rainy days, you would pee and poo at the dustpan-
-when disapproved by my mum, you would run under the rain to your usual toilet bowl-
-getting wet, hating the rain-
-you were afraid of the thunder-
-everytime it rains, you will panic and pee everywhere, and climb doors-
-when i refused to let you in, you would create a havoc-
-when i let you come in, you would hide under the couch and refuse to go out again-
-you would give me the innocent, pity look, knowing that i'll let you stay where you are-
-thanks to you, my mum's plant is growing healthily-
-you were always a bit dumb, with slow reaction over matters-
-you would walk under the sun with your eyes closed-
-you would sleep for the entire day, waking up only on meals-
-you would ignore your enemy and sleep with him, though your mum hates it-
-and that is why you got bullied all the time-
-and again, whacked by your mum-
-sooner or later, your mum slowly accepts him and you even shared a cage with him-
-it's an unbelievable sight-
-due to your stupidity, you were always whacked by your twin-looking enemy-
-bleeding everywhere-
-losing furs, with holes everywhere on your body-
-last year (2008), you were hospitalized once again for UTI-
-you nearly died again-
-you used to listen to me-
-ever since you were hospitalized, you forget me-
-or maybe you're just angry that i did not visit you in the vet-
-you starting listening to my mum, but not me-
-recently, you became friendly back with me-
-but you have to leave....-
-i was just feeding you moments ago, caressing you-
-till now, i still can feel it-
-but you're gone-
-just like that, with your eyes wide open-
-your mum couldn't believe it and i can't console her right now-
-your enemy is shaken up-
-he too, find it unbelievable-
-my mum was very upset, my brother and my sister too-
-my dad, he can't be bothered at all-
-in fact, he did not know that you're dead-

rest in peace

i'll make sure i'll revenge for you

♥ alexis at 1:26 AM

Tuesday, August 4, 2009



i wish you're dead

leave me alone..
once and for all

i'm a human too

i need to live

just leave...

and don't ever come back...
♥ alexis at 2:08 PM
i no longer know what to expect
no longer waiting for your calls
no longer waiting for you to online
I'm avoiding...
from you?
or from myself?
heard you've move on well
how i wish it's me and not you
but i will stop pining...
it's time for me to be independent once again
to expect the unexpected..
to live the life that I've once had
to be myself once again
to gain back the freedom...

welcome to singlehood

i was once again mistaken
as the substitute in someone's life
when will this ever stop?
when will people start looking at me
at who i am
the real me?
not that i care
but it's getting on my nerves
when can i live the life that i want?

this is the world
that we live in.....
♥ alexis at 1:35 AM
found out why he's upset
as expected...
cause of that girl..
why am i caring again?
shouldn't i ignore them?
what's wrong with me?

drove to kelana to get my cake

how was my mood today?
was fine..
till just now...
where my mind got a bit carried off
i hope this will not happen again...
♥ alexis at 1:30 AM

Monday, August 3, 2009

feels very happy these two days
at the same time, i got to know that he's feeling very shitty these two days
why is it always like that?
when he's happy, i'm feeling shitty
when i'm happy, he's feeling shitty
it's not like we see each other only feel that way
but it's more like...
i dunno...

poor guy
hope he feels happy soon
well he will i guessed..
after his finals?

back to me :D
bad love is sooo nice!!!
but oops the dvd spoil..
so have to wait..
but yeah!!!
getting cake today
no idea but i love cakes very very much...
inheritance from mum?
i guess so..
oh can't wait to go out
it's just soo bored at home..
save me people...
i need an adventure
♥ alexis at 1:31 AM

Sunday, August 2, 2009

31st July 2009

have no idea it was a good day or....

went pc fair in the morning
got ffk by 3 people
spent a lot
phone gone nuts
which caused me to walk back home in the end
very unlucky...

came back home
got some bad news which spoil my mood
seems like he's going after a girl which i've already guessed...
was very upset
but at least that proves that my 6th sense is working...
anways, considering that it was a bad day
i did not want to go for the class bbq pool party that night
but after a few phone calls
i realised it's stupid for me to be upset
it's non of my business anyways
who am i to care bout it??

so i decided to go for the bbq party and have some fun
and wow...

i went..
in a car full of guys that i barely know
but they were good and fun
great to know them
we reached round 5 something without much jam
Mr JK's already there but not everyone from my gang
it was a bit awkward so i stay close with my friends and became the photographer
sooner and later, more and more people came, including people from other classes
so we bbq our own food and all
it was delicious
then we played some card games and have some fun
Mr JK nearly throw me into the pool but luckily he did not
then Mr YK got pushed while Mr IL got thrown
they had a swim
then we all left...
it was early, round 8pm when the party is ending at 10pm
but oh whatever
it was jam on the way back but fun, as i had some 'discussion' with my friend

reached home and i was pretty bored
had a walk at the garden
then watched bad love/cruel love by kwon sang woo
best show ever watched
love it
similar to my story....yet far from it

so the conclusion from my day?
not bad :D
it has its ups and downs

and i'm finally letting go....
hopefully i can do it
but i'm not gonna fall in love anytime soon

gonna work hard
study hard
play hard

♥ alexis at 1:04 AM




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