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Sunday, January 31, 2010

something's wrong with me nowadays
i'm feeling bad
in a bad mood
somehow, something's missing
but i have no idea what it is....
been dying for a piece of cake to cheer me up :)
or...is that the something that is missing right now in my life?
which made me realized that it really has been a long time since i ate a cake,
other than the one that my bf made me on my birthday :)
too bad, i'd not have any mood for it that day :(
sorry :(

♥ alexis at 7:41 PM

Saturday, January 30, 2010

had a shitty bday...as usual :(
guess i wasnt in a mood for it
and that's why it turned out being shitty
but the part in look-out point was the best
never been there and gosh, i really love it man
too bad have to rush back :(
overall it was great...or maybe my expectations were too high
anyways, wow after god knows how longggg
finally can go out with yee wei!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but haha guess i gotta wait damn freaking long to go out with you again :(

oh dear, cny is coming soon >.<

and life is getting boring nowadays :(
♥ alexis at 10:35 PM

Monday, January 4, 2010

College's starting again tomorrow...
I did not sleep at all last night
What the hell was I actually thinking?!
I really hate you
The hatred I have for you, is unmeasurable
You're such a scorn that I regretted knowing you at all!!

Oh anyways, again, coll's starting tomorrow
Finally, after god knows how long, I got a day off from 5 days of coll
So I only have to go coll for 4 days in a week :)
But I guess I have to take an extra subject in degree then :(
Been feeling a bit nervous about tomorrow :(
Gotta start facing all the stress and work again
Well at least there are some people that I will not have to see this time, while there are some stuff that I have to settle this time :S
I hate that :/

Hols has been rather busy for me, going out non stop for the first 2-3 weeks
And for the last week of hol, I've tried avoiding going out, which made me pretty bored at home :S
But, I guess at least I'm able to rest, despite the boredom and annoyance at home :S
My mood's been pretty bad for the past few days
Reason: Maybe I know why....but.........
Problems have been coming to me non stop during the hols
I'm glad that I'm able to help some people
But sometimes, I just wish I can help myself, or maybe someone else will help me instead :/

Anyways, it's a new year....and....I feel old :(
Hate growing up sometimes...
In a blink and I'm where I've always wanted to be but........
I guess one can't have full satisfaction at all times :(

Happy New Year people :)
♥ alexis at 3:43 PM




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