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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

had my last presentation today, Macro
so fast, and it's the end of the sem dy..
feels...a bit weird
i have no problems with partings
but this time, it feels really different
seems as if everything is......different
life goes on i guess

my Macro presentation was scary
barely slept for two days
have half fear and half confidence,
i aimed for the best
and...is it a relief?
i expected thousands of question by teacher for my part
yet, i only got one...
the part which i was rather messed up
feeling uncertain, i got the best comment from my friend
she told me that i did a great job,
which she also had the same part, and also having difficulties explaining it
i should be happy right?
i am happy
but in part of me, there's still come uncertainty
feels as if i could make it better
feels as if something's missing...

another thing i would like to touch on?
is the ability to feel other people's feelings and emotions,
as well as to feel sad for them a bad thing?
i read it from a blog
and the person seem to take the ability to be sad as a bad thing...
is it wrong?
to think that his perceptions of life nearly made me ended mine
is it again, wrong?
i was down in despair by his perceptions of life
but then again, i'm grateful for being able to have such ability
he made it sound as if i'm the one who's having depression by having such ability
what i would like to wonder is,
is he the one who's having a depression?
or in need of external forces to bring the happiness in him?
i wonder...
♥ alexis at 11:09 PM

Saturday, March 27, 2010

i'm tired of all the bullshits

i'm sick

i'm suffering

i just need to take a deep breath

and a break..

a break from everything

♥ alexis at 12:37 AM

Monday, March 22, 2010

this has gotta be good man
this week i have marketing presentation and stats quiz
next week i have macro presentation
the week after that i have to study
on that saturday, i have my finals
so what's left?
school holidayssss

this is really kinda fast >.<
i need more time to study man
definitely need it
i can't screw up last minute man
this is my last and final chance..

oh how i wish doing is as easy as talking :S
♥ alexis at 9:22 PM

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

see the feeling of being annoyed?
just like my cat being woken up while it was sleeping soundly
i hate it alot >.<

this week is the busiest week
with exams, assignments to pass up, homework to do and study
I really have no time for anymore bullshits
too bad, i have to face it again and again
hoping that things will improve, getting the help that i need,
but one by one just do not bother at all
everyone is caring bout what they have
forgetting that this is their responsibility too
which, and where in the world did it say that i have to do it all??
too bad, people only know how to judge a book by its cover
without realizing that they're committing the same fallacy

i really.....give up

anyways, finally my stats assignment is done
this pic below is the model that my group has come up with...

too bad, it was not used on the carnival day itself
and worse, some 'people' modified our entire game
and where is the darts??!!
it's expensive you know..
i need it back >.<

something to brighten up my mood??
apparently, none
and suju's coming this weekend :(

♥ alexis at 2:07 PM

Saturday, March 13, 2010

some people...really does not worth my time...

after so long, that 'person' is still the same

why did i even bother to think and wonder and worry?

it's just all crap

♥ alexis at 11:40 PM

Friday, March 12, 2010

i'm wondering....

no i should not think bout it...

no mood, upset, tired......

argh!!! forget bout it! >.< !!!
♥ alexis at 11:22 PM

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

who is this????
haha x-mas!!!
he has the best talent, looks and personality :D
gosh i miss him sooo much!!!

oh anyways, now that i'm done with the marketing sales, i have to come up with the report
what am i suppose to write?
i have the idea, but at the same time, i don't have any ideas
what am i crapping?? :S
now left is stats which is a darn nuisance
how am i suppose to go to college today when i don't have any classes today?
ignorance is bliss
oh, and my macro results sucks to the max
why why oh why???
haihz and i thought i did it well
i'd better not fail for the subject man or i will really kill myself man >.<

arghhhh sien!!!!!!!!!!!
♥ alexis at 11:38 AM

Friday, March 5, 2010

been feeling very stressed lately
thought that i can finally let go one of my stress, which is my stats assignment
but then, suddenly they come out with a plan that everyone have to have their own stall
meaning my group have to open a stall for a few days :S
and that means from thurs till sun
Sunday and i'm going to college???
omg this is nightmare man
i barely have the time to rest and weekends are like my paradise
this really reminds me of the c2age days
but well, at least we don't have c2age event on a sunday
this is killing
cause i have to do 2 or maybe more boards for the games to last for those few days
it's already headache enough coming up with the model
what am i gonna do with the same design but bigger?
and that also means spending more money >.<

then i have my marketing assignment to complete, which again looks easy but...
it harder than i thought
no doubt it will be fun but then again, there will be lots of hassle
then i also have my quizzes and presentation on the 2 most busiest week in my life and that means i'm left with 2 more weeks to study for my final after that
but then again, i have macro slides and presentation to do
I desperately need my HDs

another thing?
if i really do get a scholarship to UK, i doubt my parents will let
why? because i have a big fat idiotic member in my family who still thinks that he live in the era where humans hunt for animals for living
he failed to understand the needs and importance of the everyday life nowadays
and tend to look down on people's capabilities
yet, he has forgotten that he's anything but successful in his entire life
and he still thinks that he's the best
pray, who can cure him?
i guess it's no one but till the day of his death that it will bring peace to the family and society...

been feeling very moody nowadays
guessed it must be due to the stress :(
i really need super junior to cheer me up
guess i have to start searching for their videos
i miss the old them
and i miss the old dbsk
the new dbsk now seem too mature and boring for the likes of me >.<

P/S: is that pic above cute? it's my dear lil sampat xD
♥ alexis at 3:41 PM

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My exam results were expected >.<
A lil bit more...haihz
How I'd wish I'd have studied more :(
What makes me unable to study earlier again????
Oh presentations?
No idea, I totally forgot :(
See, my memory sucks :S
Damn, I really need my HDs desperately :X

This week I have to hand in my Stats assignment, which I have no idea that it's this Thurs that it have to be handed up
So, we started our assignment on Monday
And till now, we're still changing ideas...
It's not easy coming up with a game and counting the probability of success >.<
Well, not as easy as I thought so >.<
And also this week, I have to come up with ideas and stuff to sell for my Marketing assignment, which again, is not as easy as I thought so :S
First, I have to write a letter to the department, which, I don't even know how to write, nor do I know the format
Second, I have to find the cheapest things to sell and that requires a car and money...
Where am I gonna find a car?
Third, I have to cook those things and bring it to school..
Fact is, how am I gonna bring it to school?
I already having trouble bringing my books to school, what am I gonna do with those stuff??!!
And fourth, is finding the right time to set up my stall, which, I have another set of exams next week and the week after
Right now, we're rushing the syllabus and I really have a lot of catching up to do >.<
When and how am I gonna find time to study, do my assignments, homework, buy the stuffs, and set up the stall??
Oh not to include, I have presentations coming up too :X

I'm think I'm really gonna faint :S

Oh and finals is in a month's time
Den I shall graduate!!!
Den I have to decide which intake to go for degree and most importantly, what am I gonna study for my future >.<
I'm dead...
♥ alexis at 3:53 PM




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