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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Countdown to finals: 11 more days :(

Things to do:
1) CTS presentation
2) STUDY!!!!

YAHOO!!!! Finally finished all my Acc homework :D HEHEHE so darn happy but now learning on new topic and well, that means more homework to come :( But I still dont really get on this new part about cash budget..a big headache actually....cause I was too cold in class to listen and concentrate...hiahz..

Anyways, done both my English and Micro presentation :D English was......terrible....though it was just 5 minutes, I don't think I managed to fill up the entire time limit as I forgot all my points and I'd not have any confidence at all....As for Micro, hahahaha it was the best :D I was confident about it and it worked out well :D So people, CONFIDENCE is IMPORTANT :D :D :D

Anyways, oops my gf is going to Korea tonight...without me..haihz...whatever la...by the time she comes back, I'm in the most stressful week I guess...Finals!!! and that's the end of my 2nd sem :D Saddening yet happy cause no more stress :) But next sem there's Stats...haihz...that, I will think later la...Stats will be interesting :) I hope..............

♥ alexis at 5:44 PM

Friday, November 20, 2009

Countdown to finals: 15 more days

Shit...this is less than 3 weeks and I still have lots to complete....oh no!!!!

Things to do:
1) Micro presentation
2) English presentation
3) CTS presentation
4) Acc homework (tons)
5) Study, study, study!!!!

How is it possible for me to study when I only have one day after my presentation to study for finals?

Anyways, both CTS and Micro presentations are really giving me a headache... This is soooo shitty >.<

But oh well, at least I've finished my Moral and English research paper, assignment and Moral presentation.

Life has been shitty, stressful and normal nowadays but well, overall it's ok :) Guess my mood isn't that good also...Sorry for creating trouble ;)

WORK HARD!!!!!!!
♥ alexis at 10:00 PM

Monday, November 16, 2009

feels as if something is missing in my life
i feel so down
is it stress? or......something else?
i need a break
to think everything all over again
i'm in a dilemma
yet i'm afraid of hurt...

patience girl........
life is originally stressful at this moment

cheer up :)

♥ alexis at 12:10 AM

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

EL Sanctuary Camp, Alor Gajah

HAHAHA here comes the pics from the Leadership Camp that i went for 3D2Ns, starting from November 6th till November 8th =D The camp was fun, yet tiring...We had lots of activities, mostly indoor...and obviously, it is aimed for us to learn more about leadership skills :)

6th November 2009

We left the college at around 2.30pm and the journey was boring though we did played some games :)

Was playing 'chor tai di' with my two besties in college =D Look at the faces of the con people xD Bully me like mad >.<

My cards =D Nice le...but I forgot who won..I think it's me HAHAHA

The entrance to EL Sanctuary, the camp place where we're suppose to go...Amazing...It's damn nice, just like a resort in the middle of the jungle :) My heavy bags are killing me big time +.+

Our instructor, Mr Sherson, as well as our teacher, Mr Joel who were taking care of us for the whole 3 days....Funny that both of them have the same pose +.+

Our dorm :) On the right is the girls' dorm, and on the left is the guys'. In the middle is the hall where we can hang around, with a big plasma TV but errr no one switch it on at all +.+

My properties!!! Well, not exactly, minus the sleeping bag...The bed was crawling with spiders and bugs that I seriously wonder how did I get rid of those and slept in it for 2 nights...but it's comfortable anyways =D

Ms ML laughing at god knows what... She's the one who slept beside me :) Opposite in Ms WY and Ms YY =D

At night, after dinner, we had scavenger hunt... Which is crappy if you look at the list of things that we have to hunt for... we managed to find nearly everything except the mosquitoes and white hair... Where are the mosquitoes when we need it the most?
Answer: The next night =.=
I got bitten like mad by mosquitoes the following night >.<

This little devil was found on Ms WY's curtain. Well, not exactly little...it's actually damn freaking big...and Mr J's scream was the best that it made all the girls laughed their arse out...

7th November 2009

Early morning exercise at 7.20am by my two besties...semangat betul HAHAHA

Anyways, we went for an hour jog and it was freaking exhausting...how can they make us jog for that long without any training without practice? But it was fun as it has been a long time since I last jog...round one year? Since the marathon that I went last year +.+

The place where we ate our breakfast, lunch and dinner...Big, nice and comfy :) Best of all, the food is the best that I've ever taste =D Especially not in a place in the middle of the jungle (^.^)

Guess whose feet? HAHAHA we were damn freaking tired that we could hardly move at all >.<

This little ladybug bit me on my arm. I flicked it off and it did not die...so I decided to take a pic of it :) It was a surprised that it is as big as the city's...I expect it to be bigger actually...Not this small.....

Sunny Baby's poster =D Idea by Viola, an amazing China girl who is way elder than us...Unexpected :) She's the one with the most ideas for our group =D

Little cooking competition..Sunny Baby did a little bit....Well, it was nice, but not enough to get the first place....

Nice? We did not have enough time anyways...So we just came up with two dishes...The other dish, haha forgot to take a pic of it ;)

Our little strong structure, made with 2 decks of cards and we WON!!! HAHAHA

Another collection of my property :)

Meeting by the Sunny babies...Mr DJ talking about his idea +.+ it was hot like mad at that moment...I was dying for a cold bath

The Sunny Babies!!! But two people were missing... nevermind la :P

Again another 2 missing...hiahz....

Viola!!! The one whom I got close to in the camp...She's really amazing :) I managed to learn some chinese word, as well as some China slang and history from her :P

My little sister-in-law :D

Mr DJ and I...The team leader and the bossy one in the group +.+ Sorry guys...

Ms ML!!! Taken during dinner...HAHA

A little love letter written by Mr SH's Guardian Angel...It was freaking hilarious, especially when I found out who was the original author...LOL!!!

My brother acting on his little skit... He seriously looked like a crap here HAHAHA oh and he's also my guardian angel for the camp :) Can guess dy judging by the look he had at his face when he got my name on the first night..What a clown +.+

Mr Joel's little juggling performance after each group finished their skit performance.. Wonder who got first...+.+ Anyways, Mr Joel was amazing...i did not expect that to come from a Calculus lecturer....

The stunners =D

The night of the red moon..Damn freaking nice!!!

8th November 2009

Pretty little flower which I have no idea what it is called...It looked like a hibiscus to me...

The black girls =) My closest friends :D

Our gang of girl :)

Amazing...I found this at the entrance into the compound of our dorm. How did it even split into two so nicely?

Group pic before we left...So gonna miss this camp +.~
Sitting in the bus taking the last few pics of EL Sanctuary :)

Mr Sherson returning back to the campsite... So really gonna miss this place >.<>
Sunny Baby won second!!! WAHAHAHHA so unexpected!!! First went to Ms ML's group +.+ We lost by only one mark...haiz...

We went home at around 12.30pm and reached KL by 3.30pm...quite fast actually but all we did in the bus was sleep, while some others watch movie :) When are we gonna have another camp?

Chances: NONE


♥ alexis at 1:32 PM

Just came back from camp, finished an assignment and 2 quizzes today...Well pics of the camp will be updated later =D No time at all hehe....

Anyways, 4 more weeks till the end of the semester!!! WOW!! FREEDOM!!! But that means 4 more weeks of hell too...hiahz...Lets seee....

Things to complete:
1) 4 presentations
2) 2 quizzes
3) 1 assignment
4) 1 research paper
5) 5 exams (finals)

Oh dear...I feel like fainting =S

♥ alexis at 11:10 AM




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