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Sunday, September 26, 2010

well, that's me i guess >.<

It's been a long time I last updated my blog
Lots have happened during the past few months, just not in an interesting way i guess
As usual, I had classes and exams
Realising that I might be good in something but NOT all the time :(
And I guess determination and confidence determines everything
BUT thanks to the absence of both during my finals, I guess I'm not really looking forward for My results which I don't even know when it will be released

Currently, I'm having a one month break, of which I spent 2 weeks of it reading books, particularly Princess Diaries which is just awesome!!
BUT too bad, I did not have the entire collection :(
Guess I have to live in disappointment
But THANKS to these books, I'd manage to survive one week staying at home resting myself
while hoping that my health will improve and that the surgery that I've just gone thru will really help me and cure me and never return again
Honestly, 7 years having the same thing really isn't fun at all
and it just keeps coming back and never be cured >.<

Anyways, for the last 2 weeks of my hols, my friends plan to have a trip to the beach
Of which I'm also part of the plan
BUT due to the operation, doc said I have to stay at home and rest and not sweat
So, is it possible to go to the beach without sweating?
Should I go or stay at home?
And live without the fun?
What should I do?
Is it possible for my hand to be totally cured in within 3 days?
Gosh, I really hope that I can go :(
Should I believe in miracles?

And, if I don't go, how am I gonna stay at home for a week without any books to read?
I desperately need books...
I can't live a day without reading any books...
Books are my life
More important than computers
BUT that doesn't mean that I'm a nerd
I'm NOT....a nerd
♥ alexis at 11:30 PM




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