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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Don't know why but seem to have been feeling trapped for long
I don't know whether it's the stress that made me feel as if there's a black cloud above me
Or that it's the black cloud above me that made me feel stress
I can no longer smile nor laugh sincerely as I'm constantly stress out
Not only on my life, but also on studies
I don't know whether it's the stress that made me unable to concentrate in studies
Or that I've lost the ability and interest in studies
Growing up isn't easy
I miss those times where I can express out all my feelings easily and happily
I miss last year, where I can be myself and life is all about excitement
Tho there are mistakes and troubles but it makes life meaningful, wonderful
I miss those time where I can act wildly and enjoying myself
Rather than this time where I've kept myself on a tight leash
Forcing myself to be disciplined and learn to keep to myself
Life feels so boring and stressful
I miss those times where there are friends where you can talk to about anything,
Not now, in this grown up world where everything is about manipulating
And no one bothering about anything other than themselves, neglecting others
Feels like a trapped soul in this world right now and then
I miss the freedom that I have in life
Many friends could not understand me
And that's because they refuse to see the way I see things
I need excitement, not gossips
I need fun and conversations, not people asking how am I and constantly nagging then ignoring me
I don't need people to come to me only when they need me, I hate that
I need my space at times, yet I don't like to talk much about my life
I just want my excitement, my life back...
♥ alexis at 10:57 AM

Monday, October 18, 2010

really hate to live in the society where manipulation plays a big role
everyone thinks of only themselves and their greed
without realising the situation and trouble that they've put others through
nor do them realise that their actions only cause troubles and chaos
and brings bad influence to the group where everyone is affected
each and everyone acts selfishly and put others into hard situations where they were to make things better and right for the greater happiness of everyone
why can't just some people reflects on their actions?
if you'd listen to me from the start, you wouldn't have brought so many troubles, manipulation, problems, and headaches to others...
♥ alexis at 8:52 PM

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

feels like I've been diluted from your life as well as mine
what am I thriving for when it's you who can't be bothered?
what am I waiting for when it's all unappreciated and forgotten?
is it time to let go?

What should I do?
♥ alexis at 10:59 AM

Monday, October 11, 2010

Honestly, today is a day that has given me a new insight of my life
What I've seen, experienced and read today,
I realised I have to stop being what I am and live a new life
To be the 'real' me

Today is the first day of college
I went there with lots of expectations and uncertainties
Only to be met with a pain that made me feel very alive right now
It feels as if I've died, and alive again
One thing that I'm certain is, I don't think I will be ever ready to bear a child
Not without epidural or painkillers
And I'm very very grateful to my friends who've understood and helped me
Especially Mr JL since he fetched me all the way home without any complaints
Too bad I have to miss my first class of Macro,
something that I looked forward to

Another thing that I looked forward to today is results
Everyone in the first year of degree will be getting their results today
I know that I've done badly for my Micro but none of my friends would believe nor understood me
I know the results that I'll get will be very disappointing to everyone
Especially my Econs teachers, Mr Alex and Ms Lim
Most of all, I'm disappointed with myself
I only expected two results for my Micro
Either I failed, or I get a B
I checked my result, and honestly I'm very very disappointed
All of my friends got an A for their ACC101 except me
I got a B+ instead, which means that it's only probably another 5 marks away from an A
I totally regretted the time where I played a fool with myself by being overconfident with my ACC101 during mid terms
And I repeated this mistake for my Micro during finals
What I do not understand is, I was able to teach my friends
but unable to do the exam in the end
Seeing how stressed up and how confident my friends did in the hall made me lose my mind
I went totally blank and blur

Nevertheless, I got a C+
and this C has totally crushed all my hopes of obtaining a scholarship to enter UQ
One miserable C that kill all my hopes, just like what happened in Foundations
I guess I have to stop thinking and brooding about the past, but to work harder
The secret to success?
Try to maintain my enthusiasm for each and every subject
I'm very disappointed in myself as I just could not get it why I have to screw up things at the most crucial point of my life

The third thing that I've learnt today is to have the strength to overcome my pasts
It's something that I've avoided and ignored, only to repeat the same mistakes again and again
Worst of all, I lose all my confidence in the process
and try to blend in, hoping that no one will notice, nor comment anything about it
I lost my entire childhood and my teenage years
Now I felt that I'm too old for everything

When I was young, I realised that I've a different way of thinking compared to my friends
I'd observed a lot, and learnt
Only to realised that no one at my age whose mind work the same way as mine
I'm proud of that
Till....I decided to stop observing and blend in with the rest
I was sick of what I'm getting
and I decided to be like others, once and for all so that I can maintain an 'invisible' life
This has not only lowered my confidence but also made me lose sight of my life, my aims, and my goals

Last year, somehow I'd managed to came out of that miserable life
I lived life with confidence and happiness
Because for the first time in my life, I felt that all my problems has been lifted
I was enjoying excellent health and meeting a lot of new friends and different types of people
It's like a new life
I started experiencing with life, only to lose it in the end
Again by overconfidence
Without realising, I put my hopes and dreams onto one person
Only to be crushed the following week
I lived my life once again in fear, trying to blend in, making myself invisible from others
Few months later, I met a person who opened up my mind and helped me
My life improved, tho not back into the original me
During the process, just like now, I screwed up my studies
Having lots of hopes and expectations,
only to be crushed in the end due to my own stupidity

Too bad, I can't seem to help the person
I've tried my best, put all my efforts in
Only to realise that the person has put a resistance on himself
There's no way I could help him unless he removed the resistance and start working hard for his future
I'm just hoping that he'll wake up and start living for his future

But thanks to this person, I'd managed to stand up from my pasts and do what is necessary
Each and everyday, he'd give me the courage to achieve what I want
Too bad I'm not doing a good job
No one could see why you and I could be together
But you've actually saved me from what I was
Thank you :)

Therefore, as usual, at the start of every sem,
I will have big hopes, only to end up with disappointments at the end
Hopefully I will be able to maintain what I want to achieve this time
Not to say that I do not appreciate what I have,
but I'd like to achieve what I want, rather than satisfactory results

New sem resolution:
  1. Study hard
  2. Obtain desired results (an A in every subjects)
  3. Stop hiding and be myself
  4. Teach my bf maths until he can do it
  5. Have confidence
There are a lot more that I would like to achieve but I guess I'll work those out myself
Afterall, there's no point in talking but not being able to do it in the end
Hopefully, this time will be a new, different and special time where I'll be able to find the true me
Time to focus on what I really want
and what's in front

Goodluck :)
♥ alexis at 7:13 PM

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just read a good article bout how a person overcomes her depression:

  1. Made big changes in your life - change careers, friends, house, etc
  2. Set a list of things to look forward everyday
  3. Find something to do - something to distract yourself
  4. Talk to people - not necessary a friend/known person
  5. Pamper yourself - eat at restaurants, manicures, pedicures, etc
  6. Stop talking about how you feel - keep to yourself and most trusted friends
  7. Play sports - particularly running/jogging if you need to clear your mind
  8. Develop routines and long-term commitments - visit old folks home, do charity
  9. Start babysitting - expose yourself to different people of all ages (they make you realise new things and appreciate life more)
  10. Appreciate what you have and what you're capable of - take a vacation to clear your mind
Basically, to overcome depression it is easy as long as one is determined and passionate to make better of themselves.

P/S: I've tried some of these 10 tips and it really helps

Up to a certain point of your life, harrowing onto your pasts and what you don't have just exhausts you more and blinds you from reality and what you have

So, why don't you just enjoy yourself and do as you want?

It's worth a try, afterall, what's there to lose? :)
♥ alexis at 12:34 PM

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

i went to PD and came back with a terrible flu
i was so sick that i could not stand properly
nor can i do anything other than sleep
i went to see the doctor on sunday, only to find out that the doc con me
i decided to ban that clinic forever

i'm getting better now tho i still lost my voice and still unable to eat
the days of being sick has left me with nothing to do
i can't read or clean
so basically, i have lots to do, but none that i can do right now
feels so empty suddenly
holidays has make my social circle contract, my mind in blurness
i can't seem to recall anything or remember anything
i just want to be alone and relax...

feels like going out for the last time
yet i can't summon the energy
feels so weak
feels so tired
feels so boring
what should i do?
♥ alexis at 8:51 PM




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