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Friday, April 30, 2010

results came out yesterday
and...i'm very happy with it :)
i got more than expected
but i guess scholarship is out of the question
my mum asked, whether i would like to take the loan
if i know that she would ask me this question,
maybe i would not have studied foundation
and pursue the dream that i wanted...
and would not have known that people that i know...
and will destroy my life...

it has been very long since i last wrong down my experience on things
it has been nearly a year...a year since......
if only you know how i feel...

You told me
It’s a guy’s thing to lead a girl that he liked through a wonderful journey together
You promised me
That you will not hurt me because you know that I’ve been hurt badly in the past
Through your words
I believed you, trusted you
I decided to let you be my guy
Everything was false
You forgot what you said to me
I thought I could bear it
But I couldn’t lie to myself anymore
I know I can’t keep lying to myself
Hurting myself again and again
But what should I do?
You refused to let me go
Ignoring the scars and cracks in the relationship
You hurt me again and again
And I cried again and again
If you'd know how much I’ve been hurt
Please take pity on me
Let me go
Cause I think I’ve grown tired of you
And fell in love with another person……
♥ alexis at 12:38 PM

Monday, April 19, 2010

relax time!!!
my third sem ended last Thurs, and hopefully it will be the last sem >.<
i don't wanna stay in foundation anymore
but i think i screwed up on my Macro which i think i will die if i have to stay back for another 3 months just for one failed subject :(
so....hopefully i'll pass it :)
and....haihz...chances for scholarship is nil for me right now :(
cause my results are just average and not that good :(
whatever..degree is still the most important one..
i have to try to get first class honours +.+
stress stress stress!!!
anyways, it's hols now..
for...about a month and half, then i shall start my degree..IF i din fail my foundation :(

Hmmm... hols started with a trip to Bukit Tinggi today
with Ms ML, Mr IL, Mr DJ and me :)
errrr...well i expect the whether to be cold there..but...
well, at least the air is fresh :)
we went to nearly all the places, such as the botanical garden, the japanese tea house, rabbit farm, colmar tropicale, and the Berjaya hotel...
except the horse stable, and the four face buddha
well, we planned to go to the four face buddha, but err we missed our shuttle bus, and hence, we decided to walk there, but the journey seems to be very very far :(
and we were tired, so we decided to walk back to the hotel :(

anyways here are the pics :D

this is colmar tropicale, some french village...there's hotel, shops, swimming pool and swans inside, as well as about 2 game stalls..which we played one of it and argh!!! nearly win! anyways, no one won and i din get any seahorse :( :( :(

hehe fooling around :P

hehe cute right? my number one fan xD basically, the rabbits are cute but they kinda freak out if you wanna carry them..and i guess most of them are as sleepy as us, but not as hungry as us xD

my favourite :D though not as friendly as the one above :D

haha our only group pic in my camera :S

it was a half day trip where we went there at around 7.15am, and reach at 8.15am
but i guessed we reached the place too early :(
so there are many shops that have not open yet :(
but overall, it's quite fun...
well, an experience, and mostly recommended for family vacation :)

argh!! can't wait for more vacations..
i miss vacations :(
♥ alexis at 9:28 PM




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