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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

coll's starting tomorrow
or should i say uni??
no idea but i'm a bit...unprepared for it
been sick for a week where i can't stand or even stay awake for long
so tired and i tend to sleep more than 16 hours a day
more than my cat >.<
what's gonna happen when coll starts?
oh gosh i really don't know...
other than the stress that i'm bound to face >.<
and some people....
been thinking a lot these hols and...
lots of things still remain unknown
or rather, i preferred not to know :(

ahhh nervous!!!!
♥ alexis at 3:10 PM

Friday, May 14, 2010

some people just really don't know their limits at all
talking less than 10 times to me
which non of it was face to face,
you spread crazy rumors bout me
without realising that slowly, you're following my path
if im like what you said,
what do you think you are?
since you are following my paths?
if im like what you said,
what makes it bout you who have 5 boyfriends?
worst, the recycling type?
u make me sick to the stomach
what a sickening person you are
acting all good and nice
the thought that i was helping you,
standing by your side all the time,
defending you,
and you stab me by spreading crazy rumors bout me
sad thing is, you disappoint me deeply
you have the brains, yet
you never know how to use it well

*you make me sick*
♥ alexis at 10:53 PM




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