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Monday, September 28, 2009

Why is there some of us who are willing to wait,
while some who are unwilling?

Why is there some of us who keeps to promises,
while some who'd rather break it?

Is it worth the wait?
What are they waiting for?

The particular one's return?
Or the unwillingness to let go?
Or, the fear of being alone once again?

P/S: Just a random thought of something I heard, and witnessed.
♥ alexis at 11:39 PM
College starts and again, back to reality. Now just finished an assignment, left 2 more research papers and 2 more assignments and presentations. Life have been busy yet fun but somehow, I'm feeling more and more stressed up. More like mentally tired. So tired that I have no idea what to think anymore. Somehow I just need more space, concentrate on my studies, and most importantly, on myself and my feelings....I really don't know what I want....

Been having insomnia nowadays. Guess I've been thinking too much. Someone advised me to think of butterflies and penguins before I sleep, and that really helps a lot. Thanks :) It somehow created a fantasy world, and it makes problems and life seem much easier...

Anyways, last Friday and Saturday, I attended my cousin's wedding. I really didn't expect him to get married as he looked very young but then again, looks can be deceiving. It was fun....well at least it got me off certain upsetting matters that made me feel like killing someone. Took lots of pics but did not have the time to update yet...soon...

♥ alexis at 1:46 PM

Monday, September 21, 2009

Finally the long awaited holidays are here. Well, Raya holidays to be exact but I guess I don't have much freedom myself as all I can do is sit at home alone, doing assignments, homework and presentation stuff. So darn unfair that everyone can enjoy their holidays with friends and all I can do is? Rot at home for the whole raya till my school starts. Haihz...

Well, maybe not that bad...at least I get the whole house to myself, doing all I like, getting the privacy that I want, finishing all the things that I'm suppose to finish. But too bad darling Cimi is sick and I cant seem to find her this morning...God knows where she go. Luckily she's sick or not I would have whack her, well, after the havoc she created on me yesterday :S

Ohhhh dying to go out...So darn dying to watch Where Got Ghost and The Ugly Truth. People, bring me out......I need a break.....
♥ alexis at 11:07 AM

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life have been busy lately...hmm actually not really since I'm procrastinating. But then, I might consider taking back my word bout loving Accounts..It's definitely a torture, but exciting at the same time..though if you ask me now, I can tell you that I might prefer doing Calculus. At least that makes sense and have a answer. But then again, I still have not change my mind bout hating English. I still hate it pretty much. Very.

Feel so tired nowadays. So tired that I can barely open my eyes in class but still have to. Wanna watch movies but again, no time. Lots of assignments, projects, discussions, presentations, quizzes, exams, and homework to do. And the datelines are very close to each other...so close that I don't even know which to do first. How am I gonna be in a relationship if I'm gonna be sooo busy? Chances: zero. I wanna concentrate on studies :)

I hate waiting. It sucks.
♥ alexis at 1:29 PM

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Been thinking a lot lately. Just wondering whether I've made the right choice or what...On monday, Mr ML asked me a question. A question which I've avoided for as long as I can remember. A question that I know will make me lost control once again on my life. Yeah, sure, ignorance is bliss. Well, not exactly if you're referring to CTS book but well at least this will harm only me and no one else. Should I really force myself to think about it or just ignore and go on with my life?

These few days, I'm losing my energy. Somehow feel very tired but this ain't depression...I hope. No, I think it's just that I'm sick and stress with the start of a new semester and the fact that I have to wake up early every morning. This week, there's lots of catching up to do. I have to start studying, finish my homework, notes, prepare for quizzes and also get ideas for my Moral assignment and presentation.

The camp that I'm supposed to attend this Friday is cancelled. No idea whether it's a good thing or not. But I have a feeling that it's gonna be a bad idea. Dying for a break from school. I just feel so and very tired. I just want a break where I can relax but then again, what should I complain about? The semester have just started so whatever that I'm feeling now is totally nothing compared to what I'm gonna be facing after this week onwards. Things will start being busy and stressful. Looking forward? Yeah xP

Saw a flier today on the board about a trip to Pulau Langkawi for 4D3N at RM450. They will provide dinner for the first two nights and in one room, there's 2 queen size beds and it's 4 people in a room (air-conditioned). Anyone interested? It's among colleges and the trip will be held round November - December. It's pretty reasonable and there's lots of activities involved. It's fun =D

P/S: how i wish i can just ignore certain things. how did i do it last time? it just seem so simple that it has never occurred to me that it will be hard.....
♥ alexis at 2:37 PM

Friday, September 4, 2009

It feels as if I've reborn again. Life is much happier for me right now. College has just started and I have a feeling that I'm going to enjoy this semester very much. There are rumors that this semester will be very busy and all, however, for me, I guess it'll be more exciting. I love living a busy life, keeping myself occupied. Sometimes, I might wish for a break but all in all, I love living in a challenging life, full of fun :)

This semester, I took Microeconomics and Accounting as my electives. Though I don't really like Accounting as I've never really studied it (just some basics), I somehow change my mind after I went in for my second class today. Sure, it's complicating but it's challenging and fun. Well, as long as I don't mess myself up like what I did to myself last time........

As for Microeconomics, I love the lecturer very much. He's a great lecturer and his classes are very interesting. Somehow, it's great and I really hope I can excel well in this subject. The only regret is I'm 'not' taking Psychology. I love Psychology as it relates to human behaviour and all, but as I'm gonna major in Business, I don't think Psychology will help much, well, not in the field of Business that I'm gonna take.

The other 2 subjects that I took is Advanced English and Critical Thinking Skills. Let's just say that I hate English and right now at this moment, I got a feeling that I'm gonna hate it more. As for CTS, I'm still praying that the lecturer will be as fun and as nice as what the rumors are going around. I'm hoping that my next lesson will be more enjoyable than the first. CTS is a very interesting subject as it teaches people to think. Something that I like....thinking :) All in all, I hope I can really do well in this semester.

Life have been much happier for me lately. My timetable may look shitty but somehow I love it and enjoy it. Maybe due to the fact that I'm enjoying my life more now, somehow I tend to ignore more things, more people. A very good thing indeed. Maybe, maybe just for once I can finally let go of my past. But really, I don't want to let go of my past. It might be painful but till now, I still believe that I'll still be able to learn more than what I think I've learnt. Sure, it have been a long time.....6 years, 3 months.....It hurts but to me I do not regret it at all. It makes me realise what kind of a person I am and really, I'm not the person that I thought I am.

But till now, I'm still numb. There are hopes but I'm not gonna keep the faith. Somethings are just not meant to be. But sometimes, I just wish that both of you have never enter into my life....Anyways, I'm gonna stick to my own motto, ignorance is bliss :) Right now, I'm living a life where I'm ignoring the past and living at the moment. I want to meet more people, upgrade my life and let go of the past and people. Afterall, if I don't let go, I'll never gain anything new, isn't it?


I'm gonna enjoy my life, love it and live it to the fullest. I'm happy and very very happy + satisfied right now :D
♥ alexis at 4:25 PM

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the moment you left me
i regretted it
it was all my fault
if i did not start it
i would not have fallen in love with you
how do you expect me to live?
how do you expect me to love another person?

i'm sorry
i'd really like to love you
but right now i'm just so confused
i thought i'd done a good job
but till the end
you know i'm gonna hurt you
what should i do?
♥ alexis at 2:47 PM

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

29th August 2009

As promised, this post will be bout my trip to Penang. Oh finally!!! After 15 years and I'm back to Penang!!! It was a 3 days 2 nights trip and I went with my gf's family and her cousin, which is also my neighbour. It was fun :)

Day 1

The journey started at 10.55am with my gf's bro being the driver. Cool, I didn't expect him to be driving. I thought it'll be her dad who'll be driving. I was so darn amazed o.O

Oops seems that her bro was tired so her dad took over. This pic was taken when we were reaching the Penang bridge I think...Couldn't remember much :S I have bad memory :D

The much sought after bliss, taken at the Penang bridge. The weather was rather gloomy, wanna rain but didn't rain that kind. But it was nice as it wasn't hot at all :D

Reaching Penang that time. It was fast. Round 10 minutes on the bridge. So darn amazed that I acted seriously like a tourist. Very silly =S It just feels sooo awkward seeing buildings and all on a small island. Wonder what my reaction will be if i go to Singapore...

My properties and trademark =D Anyways, we checked-in the hotel at....Oh no I forgot what time!! Round 4 something I guess...Felt so weird that time. First time staying in a hotel at an island and also not somewhere high up with cold temperatures outside but somewhere at ground level.

Dinner at Gurney Drive, a famous tourist spot situated near the beach. But the beach was darn polluted and muddy. No one goes down there anyways, just sitting by the side looking at the water only. There are lots of food in Gurney Drive, practically like SS2, just 2x bigger. So many that I don't know what to order as I've no idea what is nice. So oh well, since we're in Penang, my gf and I decided to try their Fried Kuey Teow, Fish Ball Noodle Soup and Sugar Cane Water.

Picture at Gurney Drive with the beach as our background, after dinner. It was darn dark that I can see nothing but darkness with glowing buildings at the far background.

Mua Chi; some type of food with lots of peanuts, bought from Gurney Drive. Very nice. First time trying it =D Then we went to Batu Ferringhi to the night market. It was very near to the beach, such that I can even hear the sound of the waves. From the place where we parked our car, it was practically 50m away from the beach as I can see the waves. It was so darn near..I felt like I can just die there :)

Snacks for the night, though it was already 1am. I went down alone to 7 Eleven to buy it. Actually, I was just bored and wanna go out but my gf was toooo lazy to go that that I decided to go alone. As I was wearing my pajama with headphones on, I got a few 'nice' stares from people. Oh well, ignorance is bliss :)

Day 2

Woke up at 8am and had breakfast at some coffee shop somewhere nearby our hotel. I tried Loh Mee and it was so darn nice!! I've never tried before and it was really very nice. And I noticed, Penang's Iced Milo is totally and very different from KL's. KL people tend to use the Milo and Condensed Milk as if it's free while Penang people are just the opposite. Their Iced Milo are not sweet and the colour intensity is very light. Just perfect :D

Went to Kek Lok Si, Penang's largest and famous Buddhist Temple. The journey there was long as it was jammed all the way and the weather was very hot. A great day I guess....I just love visiting Buddhist temples. It just felt so peaceful and nice, with all kind of colours and designs :D

This is the view from one of the buildings in Kek Lok Si. The main temple I guess. Nice isn't it? It look just like Babylon to me. Love it ;)

Broke another rules of mine. Haiz, who cares? I don't follow rules anyways xP No idea why I chose this background but behind are the lotuses.

Another pic of my gf and I, with the carpark as our background :S

The trademark of Penang's Kek Lok Si temple :) Love this pic xD

My 'friends' having a nice sun-bathing time xP

My 'darlings' having a nice feast =D So cute la these tortoises. I can't believe there are so many there with all sizes. Even more than those that I can find in the temples in Ipoh.

I can't believe I can find this cat here, at one of the shops in the temple. But then again, I can find dogs in my own temple, so oh well, I guess I shouldn't be that amazed at all. But wow, this cat is 2x fatter than all my cats and I think it's pregnant. But hey this cat is so obedient and ignorant. It just sleeps ignoring whoever who walked past it. And it has a blanket!! When I gave my cat a blanket, all it do is just crunch everything up, slept on it, then shit on it :S

Was going to Queensbay Mall when we took the wrong turn and ended up on the Penang bridge again. But it was sooo darn nice!!! It's like heaven. The blueness....It's like I've died and gone up to heaven...well that's if I can even go to heaven...

Wow if that's my house, I don't mine dying in it. Perfect bliss =D

Finally reached Queensbay Mall. It look just like another 1U, just that it's colder.

The scenery outside Queensbay Mall. Perfect. But we did not go and have a nearer look. I was dying to go to the beach. So near yet so far =S

A pic of both of us in the car before getting in Queensbay Mall. We were pretty darn hot that we tied our hair up.

We visited the Thai Buddhist temple, another famous place in Penang. Inside, they have a really big sleeping buddha. Totally different from what I've seen in other temples.

This is the Burmese Temple, just opposite the Thai Buddhist Temple. But we didn't go in but just looking from here, where this pic is being shot.

Something that I bought from the vendor in the Thai Buddhist Temple. Coconut ice-cream with sea coconut and nuts as topings. It was sooo darn nice. Not so sweet yet sweet. Perfect. First time having it =D

This is what my gf bought; same coconut ice-cream, just that it's on the bread and not in a cup. Delicious =D

Back at the hotel and was chilling in the bar after a great shower, before heading out for dinner at Pelita for Nasi Kandar =)

The complimentary drink that we got. No idea what it is but it taste weird yet nice. Does it suppose to taste like orange juice? I have no idea.

Took this pic at the swimming pool with the view of Penang behind us. Bear in mind, we didn't swim, but got splashed by some kids :S

My, or rather, our properties. No milk, no sleep. No green tea, no life. That night, we were too full that we did not have any Maggie for supper. We were darn pretty bloated after our Nasi Kandar and Sup Kambing. Thanks to the soup, I was feeling better from my headache, tiredness and sickness =D

This is just soo cute :) Sleeping, studying or watching TV? lol xP

Day 3

Oops sorry no pics. Basically, we went to have breakfast at 10am; couldn't wake up at all. We were just too tired and the room was pretty cold and cosy. It was my first time being able to sleep properly outside, and not on my own bed. We had Kuey Chap, something you can't find in KL. It was nice and I had Iced Milo again and serious, it's really different from KL's. We bought Apung again and this is also another special one because the owner uses charcoal and not gas, something that KL people usually does. We also went to Baskin n Robbins and bought 2 pints of ice-cream,with discount as it was the 31st. Happy 52nd Merdeka!!! First time buying and eating Baskin n Robbins =D We went back to the hotel and checked-out at 11.45am.

At 11.55am, we started our journey back to KL, with my gf's dad as the driver this time as her bro was pretty tired. Then I noticed, wow everyone in the car can actually drive dy =) Hahaha!!! Anyways, the journey back was pretty jam. At 5.30pm, we reached home. Everyone was pretty exhausted and tired.


It was a darn pretty good and nice journey. The view of the sea from the Penang bridge was just prefect and nice. It was so peaceful and the sound of the waves were heaven :) Too bad we did not have the chance to go to the beach :( All in all, it was a good journey. I got my wish come true. I wanted to go to Penang during my sem break with friends and I got it. Well, not with friends but with my gf's family. Does it really matter? No cause it was a nice journey and I went with a friend. Counted isn't it? (^.^)

P/S: Sorry not much pics of food. We ate a lot but I didn't take much pics of food. Well, I'm not really a great fan of food anyways xP

♥ alexis at 10:46 AM




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