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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Walking through the edge of life, never would I realized I would have nearly lost two of my young friends. Laughing at the collapsed bridge in Perak, till I saw the face of my friend. I thought it was just some random good looking guy till i saw the name written there. Maybe I should return once again and visit you guys. The feeling of regret; you guys begged me to go back, begged me to visit, but I did not bother. Till yesterday I realized, I nearly lost you guys, the ones that I'm most close with. One step further, and you might have died. Though I was laughing at the message you sent, but I was traumatized by the death you nearly had. For the entire night, I couldn't sleep. Wanna call someone up, but.......who will be awake in the early morning? I'm sorry I'm not where you want me to be. But I promise, I'll return one day....I miss you guys very much!!!

Life is short. Suddenly I just feel so and very tired once again. Should this be continued? Or should I let go?

♥ alexis at 3:59 PM

Saturday, October 24, 2009

HAHAHA exam's over!!! But errr I did it badly...Damn...I'm really aiming for HD wan lo...Haiz...I'm dreading the day where I'm getting back my results...Tho exam's over, but have lots of things coming up; research papers, assignments, presentations, camp, homework that I've not done, bla bla bla...Crappy +.+

Went out Gardens to watch movie, Whiteout today with someone =D Premier class hahahah....first time and it feels sooo weird and different. Nevermind la once in a while la =) After this no fooling around dy, have to be crappy serious...Life's gonna be stressful again. Where is my vacation when I need one?
♥ alexis at 10:37 PM

Friday, October 9, 2009

F.T Island

It has been a long time since they came...
Once again, their songs touch my heart...
This time, it's their new japanese single, Raining
It has an awesome MV, with Hongki in blonde
and Jonghun playing piano...a rare sight :D
I've no idea what the song means but it just makes me sad listening to it
Weird, why does FT always have that ability?
The same thing happens to Heaven, Bad Woman, Please Do Not Love, Soyogi and etc.
Maybe that's the difference between FT and DBSK?
Not to say that DBSK is bad but theirs give a different effect altogether...


♥ alexis at 7:38 PM
Mid-term's coming the week after next. I barely have the time to finish up my accounts homework, let alone study and prepare for my presentations. Life seems to be creeping by slowly, yet stressful. Been feeling rather suffocated nowadays. I need my freedom and feelings back. I'm tired.

tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow

♥ alexis at 5:57 PM

Friday, October 2, 2009

HAHAHA finally finish all my quizzes!!! Well, not really, left one more, Moral =S but whatever!! Finally feel the freedom :) but what I'm sure is that I flunk my CTS...What a waste :(

25th September, 2009

Well, I know this is long time ago but haihz, for memories la:)

It was a Saturday and I had classes in the morning till 2pm. I was sick and dead exhausted and had to rush back home from college and then directly to Banting for my cousin's before wedding party. No one that I know is going and to say the truth, I also don't feel like going as my siblings don't plan to go as well. But as I was sick, I don't want to end up alone at home without food. So I went. In the end, had to take four painkillers to cure myself for such a long day.

This is me, resting at my dad's friend's house (has the same surname as us), after I've just woken up. I totally treat that house as mine's with all my things scattered everywhere =S
It's all blue :D see??

For the rest of the party, I didn't take any pictures cause I forgot and was too tired....

26th September, 2009

Haha took a picture of my dear drunken cat, Chimi before I went out to the same place again. This time, it's the official wedding dinner..

Again, the first family to reach +.+

Haha I don't expect us to be doing this. Well, not my brother :)

The family's most proud properties. Okay, maybe not 'most' proud ;)
And 3 of them were owned by my mum...

My newest and favourite bag. Bought cheaply at a sale :)

The second last dish, some lotus rice or something like that. The portion was freaking small that it made everyone laughed at the table. And my dear father ate 7-8 of it :S

This looks freaking gross. The girls will understand :D

Took pics with my sis..We looked freaking pale :S
The zombie sisters...or is it vampires? :D
Too bad, I forgot to take a pic with me bro :(

My grandma!! The one who raised me up for 3 years :D Do I look like her?
Abit ;)

My two aunts and my mum :D
See the one on the right? She's the closest aunt of mine and people says that we both look alike.
I.....have no comment....
Do we look alike?

Last minute pics...my cousin and his wife. To say the truth, he is the only cousin from that side of the family that I've ever talked to. So haha, he's my favourite?? Cause the rest are just too....no comment :D

That's all that I can post I guess....Now, back to work +.+ I have 2 more research papers to do, one assignment to correct, 3 presentations coming up, loads of Accounts homework to finish, CTS notes to complete, and stuffs to study for my upcoming mid term in mid October (+.+)

"So many to do, so little time"

♥ alexis at 9:36 PM




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