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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yesterday was my cousin's birthday party, which I've totally forgot and promised my friend that I'll attend her Cap Goh Meh party
I know,I'm a bad friend and a bad cousin, as well as a very forgetful person :S
My mum actually told me that I have to go to cousin's party a week ago and I was actually looking forward to it, and ...I forgot :S
So I had to ffk my friend, which made me felt very bad cause I always attends her party and this time I can't go, and I guess, non of my gang went either
Gosh I feel very bad >.<
Anyways, I went to my cousin's place
On the way there, right after the toll to Puchong, in the middle of the highway, I saw a tortoise, crawling in the middle of the road
OMG how can that thing even appear there?
Simple, it just crawled out from whatever lake it's from and decided to explore the world, which was actually a highway
Can see that it was very afraid as it tried crossing the very busy highway quickly and it ended up in the middle of the road till a white Saga went over it
Luckily the Saga did not crushed it
But the poor fella was sooo shocked that it quickly hide into its shell, leaving only what it appears, a shell directly in the middle of the highway
What will be its fate later on?
I really don't dare to imagine
Either way, it's in the middle of the highway and if it continues its journey, it will face its death, while if it's smarter, it will go back to it's lake, but then again, that means 50/50% of life survival, depending on the alertness of the drivers.
But, I really doubt it can live as no one in my car saw the poor little tortoise
Alright, it's not that small, big actually...
And...I really wonder, if a car goes over it, will it be crushed?
I really hope not...
I love tortoises very much
But if i were to get one, I don't think my parents will allow me as my friends said that tortoises grow very fast >.<
But it's soooo cute!!!
Hope it's alive >.<

As for my cousin's party, it was, as usual, just that this year, everyone seemed to be more distant with each other
And I really wondered how I looked being the only person there in a mini cheongsam :S
I have no idea man...
Best part of the night was when my uncle offered my parents beer and red wain to me secretly through a mug
He knows that I love red wain very much and as usual, my dad will prohibit me from drinking
So he did that, and he purposely open a great bottle, where the taste of alcohol is rarely there, and it's sooo pure as you can actually taste the grapes, and it is not sour at all
Best of the best I've ever drank
But I guess some people just like to spoil my fun by arguing with me over the sms and challenging me about alcohol
Fine man whatever, go drink as you like, just let me enjoy the party and my alcohol can't you?
As if I have no enough spoilers on that day, having to face my sister's incoherent attitude, seeing the poor little tortoise and finally, your attitude =X
What a great day :S
♥ alexis at 1:47 PM

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i guess comparing yourself with someone is prohibited
but sometimes, i really don't understand why humans like to compare themselves with other people
what can they gain from that other than feeling more less confident about themselves?
i really don't get it
some people just can't be satisfy with what they have and had
but why must they just make people's life miserable?
friends have used me, making me being looked down by others, bad mouthing me
not that this is the first time, but i just hope that people would get to know me better first before making any judgments about me
but then again, since when humans like to find out the truth?
they'd rather hear it from other's mouth and have a good say about them
yeah i do that sometimes but i'd still rather find out by myself about someone else first before opening my mouth
because no matter what, i still believe in my own judgments
two different people have two different sides of their story
it's better that you listen to both, and get to know the person or the entire thing by yourself before making your own judgments about some people or facts

p/s: if only you know......
♥ alexis at 10:45 PM

exam's finished!!!!
tho i screwed up my Stats :S
i did not managed to finish it due to wrong timing and overconfidence :(
damn it...and i thought it was easy :S
i want a HD!!!!!!!
i'm really in desperation to get HDs right now or i can really kiss goodbye to my scholarship :(
as for macro, i studied, ok, not really like mad, only at the last minute where i just crammed everything into my head
and when the paper comes out, i filled in everything, walked out of the hall, only to realised that i have calculated wrongly
how smart of me =X
as for marketing, i studied simply due to the excessive small words and pages which can just make anyone blind and crazy
it looks simple, yet i can't remember any terms
at the day of the examination, i again crammed everything, hoping that my objectives will help me
the paper came out, and i'm blasted by the objectives
for the first time in my life, i hate objectives
as for the subjectives, i really have no idea what to comment
all i know is it seemed familiar, but i can't exactly remember the terms
so what i did was just to crap whatever i remembered and observed and thru common sense and you know what? i hope it's right
but in comparison, i love subjectives more than objectives

for few days of lack of sleep and food and drinks, after my exam, i practically fell sick
my energy level drops to negative and i'm dead tired
not bad, this is an improvement actually
then i have 5 days of hols, where it is even longer than my cny hols :S
so what should i do during these hols?
i have no idea but i'm dying to go out, play my games and eat nice food
the only place with nice and cheap food that i can think of is KL, but you know what?
i know there are nice food but i have no idea where exactly
though being born in KL, i'm just blind in that place
i know every single roads in PJ, but not KL :S
i'm dying to shop for heels, but my purse is dying of hunger
great =X

i thought i can relax, but i can't
with 2 assignments due, first, i have no idea when to hand in
i know it's due very soon but i really have no idea when is the exact date to hand it in
as for the process, i have no idea what i should do, nor do i know what i should write about
amazing :D
♥ alexis at 1:31 PM

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chinese New Year's coming soon
Normally, I will look forward to it very much
but somehow, this year, I totally do not have the mood for it
First of all, it's Tiger year :(
Second, exam's next week
Third, it has been a very tiring and stressful year for me
Four, I'm just not in the mood this year
Ever since my grandma pass away,
CNY has no longer been a CNY for me
There's nothing fun anymore as I'm no longer going back hometown
My mum tend to avoid that place as if it's a disease :S
Worse, I still do not have the strength to do any homework or revision
And I haven't start my assignments yet, which I have to pass up after my exams
♥ alexis at 9:57 PM

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

after 2 nights of not sleeping and 3 days of stress,
i finally done my macro slides and presented it today and.......
SHIT >.<
not only we gave the wrong info, but also presented poorly
probably cause all of us did not have a proper sleep at all for nights :S
actually i do know that the info is wrong and i have ways and explanations to counter it,
just that i forgot to tell my friend those points,
and there we go, getting shoot and poor marks :S
shit man...this is really very important to me
and for the first time, i couldn't present confidently for econs :(
this is really shitty >.<
♥ alexis at 10:03 PM

Friday, February 5, 2010

the look on his eyes that night was of betrayal and hurt
for the first time, i talked to you
not just for a few seconds, but for the entire night
tho' my heart was hurting badly, surprisingly i managed to remain calm
for months i tried to heal my heart, hurting badly,
and you were the one who was always there for me
you told me to give you a chance
i told you i was not ready
slowly, i realized i have feelings for you
and due to the one sentence that you told me,
i gave you a chance
the chance where i wondered whether it's the right decision
i don't expect much from you, as i don't have the confidence in myself
people said, the first 3 months is always is the honeymoon period
but to me, it was anything but honeymoon
we would fight every week starting from around thursday to friday
up to the point that i can predict and look forward for fights between us
never did you realized that i would hurt badly at the end of the day
again, did i make the right decision?
for the one month we were apart, it was very peaceful for me
tho' i did miss you once in awhile, i decided that it was the best for us
i'm tired of fights
you would promise that you will change
but that only lasts for 2 weeks and then you're back to your old self
i decided to trust you again and again
yet i'm tired of being worried about you again and again everyday
it feels as if i'm taking care of a child
it makes me feel suffocated
the 'freedom' that i asked, wasn't just freedom alone
it's a mentally thing
at the end of the break period, i started to miss you more and more
and i started looking forward to seeing you
and all hell's break loose again
slowly we started to fight again
but this time, i decided not to take things seriously
my friends have noticed that my feelings for you have changed
it has become stronger...
but, up till today
i'm starting to wonder again
i'm tired, really tired
i feel really suffocated
there's a reason why i decided to break off with you earlier
i just couldn't take your attitude or our fights anymore
did i make the right choice?
♥ alexis at 9:59 PM

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i see darkness ahead...
my mood ain't improving
and i'm feeling more and more shitty everyday :(
this friday's my lil quiz and i really hope i can get really good results
afterall, this is really my last sem to get excellent results...
next tues, i will have my macro presentation,
which, we've not really done much other than finding the data
as for the rest, i don't even know what to do
i somehow have the idea, but don't know how to put it into the right way
or maybe, i'm just lazy
guess i have to stop procrastinating
and start using my head to think
btw, my year book's out....
i really hope it's nice man
afterall, it was freaking random :S
i'm dying for a vacation
somewhere where i can relax and hopefully,
restore my mood to my usual self :(

♥ alexis at 8:21 PM




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