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Friday, November 12, 2010

just because i kept silent
it doesn't mean that i don't care
just because i smile
that doesn't mean i'm happy
just because you talked to me and i replied
it doesn't mean i can forget everything of what you've done

how many times have i wish to release my anger
to release the tension that now embraces everyone
to break the hatre felt....
are you aware of what you've done?
no, i shouldn't think so...
if you're aware, you'd noticed the impact you've brought
none of it is positive
yet i have to remain silent, happy, unconcerned and aloof
i'm not as dumb as i'd portrayed

in a group where i felt i've been used
knowing this fact, yet as friends
i helped, care, trust and have faith
but none matters anymore
if you'd think selfishness is your way to life
i'd lead my life that way too
certainly it's makes you happier
it's time to have a dose of your own medicine
yet, im not that evil enough
pray, have a look and realise the truth
i can no longer help nor defend you anymore
i no longer know the true you..
please wake up to this world...
♥ alexis at 6:54 PM

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

recently felt mentally tired and fed up with life
i really hate it when people do not know how to respect others
can't they see how much help they asked and been provided, only to return the kindness by ignoring and being rude to them?
sure, people basically have motives to make friends with others
but isn't there any real friends in your life?
think about it...

and...i feel remorse on somthing
i'm mad, tho i know i have no rights to be mad
i know i should respect you, but i just can't bear the idea of you doing it
think of it as my feelings for you have grown stronger than what i've expected..
and i'm thankful for the effort you've put in
but to say the truth, i don't really mind actually
as long as you're truthful to me..

anyways, mid terms just finished last week, only to be faced with another exam next week,
and a finals 2 weeks later
this is really killing and stressful
not to forget, a law assignment which i have a lil idea, but can't seem to grasp what it is...
♥ alexis at 9:34 PM




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